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Access 22,000+ images for biomedical, life science and medical education. Our community contributes teaching images, including virtual slides, to create a shared repository of resources covering a range of disciplines.

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"The newly developed online modules (SLICE) in pathology were beneficial for self-study and for applying our pathology lecture and practical knowledge. Please continue making some of these amazing tools"
Second Year Medical Student
Griffith University, 2016
"All pathology pracs are around virtual slides in Slice, and our online tutorials are around macroscopic specimens in Slice, so Slice is essential to our online teaching."
Professor Martin Weber
UNSW Sydney, 2021
"Slice helps me identify if students are able to apply theory content that we have covered to real slides."
Dr Noelia Roman
Charles Sturt University, 2021
"I was able to use my student Slice account for the first time in a med histology prac yesterday. I thought it was fantastic. I don’t think I’ve learnt so much in a histology lab before, cause now it’s just so easy to take notes while still keeping up with where the lecturer is on the slide."
Medical Student
UNSW Sydney
"The Slice system has been a godsend for teaching during COVID-19"
Professor Shane Raidal
Charles Sturt University, 2022
"My whole pathology teaching is based on Slice"
Dr Suja Pillai
University of Queensland, 2022
"This is the first time biomedical experts have come together to create a common database of complex, rare and exceptionally valuable educational resources of the highest quality that are shareable among different institutes.  BEST is a valuable tool in improving health care education in Australia, with potential for global utility.”
Professor Shashidar Venkatesh, Head of Pathology
James Cook University

Zoom and pan viewing

View all images at higher magnification. Navigate virtual slides just as you would under the microscope, zooming in/out up to 40x-100x and panning across the tissue section.

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Share Knowledge

Highlight features on images to draw attention to while teaching or create a set of in context notes about what was covered by your teacher in class. Then share your annotation layers with others.

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Ask Questions

Ask feature identification questions where students manipulate images interactively (zoom/pan) as they answer. Students receive immediate feedback, while teachers gain insight into understanding and misconceptions.

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Organise the images and layers you use into folders for personal reference or for use as part of a course. Share your Collection with others to easily give them access to all the images they need.

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LTI Integration

Connect Slice to your learning management system to streamline student registration.

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Engaging Group Activities

Invite students to work together on a shared layer and evaluate their annotations.

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Immersive Presentations

Remove distractions and focus on explaining the features of an image to students.

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Your images from anywhere

Annotate, share, and organise your images no matter where you are. Upload your own medical images to Slice and keep track of them with favourites and collections.

How to contribute
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