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BEST - the Biomedical Education Skills and Training Network is a digitally-powered community of experts who share a vision: that every student and teacher will have access to the best biomedical education.

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Slice - Image-based online learning and teaching platform

Upload your images or use any of the thousands of others, including virtual slides, within our high quality, community sourced library. Share images and annotations with colleagues or students directly through your existing systems. Have your students become active participants in their learning while annotating or participating in activities centered around images.

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Global Scholarship and Development Fund (GSDF)

For the good of the biomedical community, the BEST Network is establishing the Global Scholarship and Development Fund (GSDF). It will fund Members to create or improve our tools and services or develop educational resources that are beneficial to the BEST Network community.

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“The BEST Network provides the opportunity to take material that can be challenging and present it to students in an interactive virtual world. Students are not limited by resources, geographic location or environment. This means that students at all universities across Australia, and around the world, can experience these activities, not just those at well-funded, urban universities. This is truly the democratisation of education!”
Professor Louise Lutze-Mann
School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, UNSW Sydney
“Educational programs that may have origins over 100 or 150 years are going to move into a new era of greater connectedness”
Professor Geoff McColl
Professor of Medical Education and Training and Director of the Medical Education Unit in the Melbourne Medical School
University of Melbourne
It's about being part of this movement. We don't want to be left behind, we want to be right there at the edge.”
Professor Patsie Polly
School of Medical Sciences, UNSW Sydney

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