Interactive lecture activities using Slice

December 8, 2016

Utilising the collaborative annotation tool in Slice, Patrick de Permentier (UNSW Australia) created an interactive activity on a virtual slide image in one of his histology lectures. Over 400 students learnt about the layers of tissue that made up an artery and were then asked to identify these on a group layer by placing coloured pins on each area. After a few minutes of annotating, all of the anonymous student pins were revealed on the lecture screen and were overlayed with the correct responses. The class as a whole then discussed misconceptions.

Screenshot of Artery

Click to view: Students annotating the tissue layers of an artery as part of a lecture activity. Note – make sure you aren’t logged in to see all the annotations

This work, combined with the work completed by Associated Professor Nalini Pather (UNSW Australia) in her gross anatomy lecture has been presented at the Australian and New Zealand Association for Clinical Anatomists (ANZACA) hosted by the Australian National University in Canberra on 8-9 December 2016.