Video Resources: Creating Drop a Pin questions on Slice

June 15, 2023

The Slice question tool adds an extra element of interactivity to your class activities while teaching with images. It is designed to ask feature identification questions where student responses are automatically marked and feedback is provided. Read more about its use in a histopathology class here.

We've created four videos to walk you through the process of creating questions, sharing them with students, answering questions and reviewing student responses. Our short video covering how to answer a question can be shared with learners by using this link:

Creating a Drop a Pin Question

Answering a Drop a Pin Question

Sharing and Duplicating Slice Questions

Reviewing Responses to a Drop a Pin question

The Question tool is available to all academic members using Slice. Visit our knowledge base for more information and you’re welcome to get in touch with Dr Stephanie Dowdell to discuss trying out the question tool in your own classes.

Dr Stephanie Dowdell