Introducing our new Collections tool in Slice

September 27, 2021

Organising and sharing collections of images and annotation layers with others just got easier.

The Slice image-based learning and teaching platform provides members with access to a shared collection of over 21,700 images used for biomedical, life science and medical education. From the collection, our academic members commonly curate a set of images that will be accessed by their students. Until now, access was provided by sharing links to individual images or annotation layers.

The new Collections feature brings a fast and easy way to curate and share the virtual slides and other images students need access to for each class, without the need to share hundreds of links into your LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas etc) or within learning resources.


Create Collections by course or topic

Collections are folders of images and layers that members can curate to organise items for personal reference or for use as part of a course. Members can view an example Collection here.

Subcollections can be created for further organisation. For example, one main Collection can be created for a Course and then subcollections are added to organise the images viewed for each week in the course.

The Collections tool is accessed from the navigation menu in Slice or by clicking


Choose the images that will be included

After creating a Collection, you are ready to start adding images and layers. You can do this by:

  1. Adding images and layers while viewing them using the Collections icon,
  2. Adding images individually from the search results using the Add to Collection button, or by
  3. Selecting images or layers in your Favourites or Annotated Collections

Within the Collection items can be reordered so they are presented in the order you wish others to access the images.


Animated image showing how to add a Slice image to a Collection while viewing it.


Share your Collection with others

Designed to replace the need to include individual links to images in your LMS (e.g. Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas), sharing a link to a Collection gives others access to all the images you wish to share with them.

To share a Collection, simply copy and share the URL while viewing the Collection or click the Share action to set permissions regarding whether others can view and duplicate the Collection.

Collections makes it easy to share groups of images or layers with others. However, all Collections are private until the link to your Collection is shared.

To learn more about Collections visit our help centre or contact with any questions.

Stephanie Dowdell