Terms and Conditions

The BEST Network (Biomedical Education, Skills and Training Network) is a community of educators who believe that by working together in the creation of online tools and through sharing resources they can improve the learning experience for students in the biomedical and life sciences.

The BEST Network is supported by the technology provider OpenLearning Pty Ltd (ABN 51 162 780 467).

Legal and ethical documentation as well as any Terms and Conditions of the BEST Network that may or may not be relevant to you and your use of the BEST Network Portal are described and set out below:

User Agreement

All registered users of the BEST Network Portal have agreed to the User Agreement. The terms cover your use of the Services including your access to the BEST Network Portal and its Content. By using this website, unregistered users agree to the same terms and conditions.

Institutional Member Agreement

By subscribing to BEST Network Academic and Institutional tier plans you agree to the terms in the Institutional Member Agreement.  The terms cover your use of the Services and that of your authorised users, including access to the BEST Network Portal and its Content.

Deposit Agreement

The BEST Network provides a place to source and share biomedical education resources including tutorials and images. The BEST Network Deposit Agreement covers the terms under which content is contributed. To contribute content contact us at support@best.edu.au.

Fair Use Policy

The purpose of the BEST Network Fair Use Policy is to provide examples and clarification of unacceptable use of the BEST Network Portal and Content and support consistent service for users.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information collected by the BEST Network is handled in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). The BEST Network Privacy Policy describes the ways in which the BEST Network deals with personal information and data collected through the website.


The BEST Network is committed to recognising and acknowledging the copyright owner and contributor of all content. To address any issues that may arise with the treatment of content or descriptive data or any other material or conduct on the BEST Network Portal that may cause a grievance, the BEST Network has developed a Complaints Policy and Procedure.

Attribution and Referencing

The BEST Network content is contributed by our members and collaborators. When content is accepted, the contributor and copyright owner of the content is recorded. On Slice this information is presented in the ‘Provenance’ section of the descriptive data. When referencing an image sourced from the BEST Network please include the following information: Contributors name; Copyright owner (may be presented as the Contributors institution); BEST Network; and Either a direct link to the content or a link to the BEST Network website (www.best.edu.au). If the image has any watermarks, these should not be removed from the image.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the BEST Network website including Slice please use our support page to log your request: https://www.best.edu.au/contact/. To help us to respond to you as quickly as possible, please include your registered BEST Network email address, a description of your problem including any error messages, a URL to the image if using Slice, the browser you are using and a screenshot (if appropriate) in your email.

Last updated: June 2021 (BEST Network)