The BEST biomedical education for every educator, student and institution


  • Improve your students' learning experience by teaching with the rich, interactive and adaptive courseware available in the Courseware Catalogue.
  • Enhance your teaching by using the world's largest biomedical image collection as a teaching resource.
  • Save time by adapting existing Courseware that is endorsed and reviewed by other experts, and you can customise it to fit your teaching curriculum.
  • Gain actionable insights about how your students are learning by using powerful and real-time analytics.
  • Collaborate with experts in the network to share expertise and knowledge through disciplinary loops.
Dr. Amber Willems-Jones
University of Melbourne
"Being part of the BEST network has resulted in a significant and positive change in the way I deliver my course content to students."
Dr. Chantal Hoppe
Monash University
"As an educator, having complete control over the lesson I create has been remarkably rewarding"


  • Discover rich, interactive and adaptive courseware that provide a personalised learning experience unique to your learning style and level of knowledge.
  • Build up your confidence and expertise by completing new medical procedures and practicing complex procedures in a virtual, online environment.
  • Search, annotate and collaborate with Slice, the world's most advanced cloud-based biomedical image bank.


  • Establish your institution as a leader in the delivery of next-generation biomedical education.
  • Save time and money with access to pre-built rich, interactive and adaptive courseware that has been endorsed by experts, and ready to use as a teaching resource.
  • Achieve a strong ROI from the ability to scale adaptive learning technologies quickly across a school, faculty, or the enterprise.
  • Upload your institution's medical images to Slice, and begin annotating and collaborating with the world's most advanced cloud-based biomedical image bank.
  • Reduce costs associated with expensive lab equipment by creating scalable, high-fidelity, virtual online experiences leveraging your existing LMS infrastructure.
  • Improve students' retention and the quality of face-to-face teaching time by remediating misconceptions / troublesome knowledge in a flipped / blended learning mode.