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With the rise of blended learning and the decrease of face-to-face teaching in university courses, it can be difficult to keep students engaged. This is particularly true for disciplines where hands-on experience helps assimilate knowledge, as is the case in biomedical sciences. Dr Rebecca Donkin, Lecturer in Medical Laboratory Sciences at the University of the Sunshine Coast, was confronted with this dilemma: how to keep students engaged and motivated while spending fewer hours with them?...
October 06, 2017
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Some questions in your Smart Sparrow tutorials require you to set up a trap state that fires when students have not attempted the question. This is particularly important if you don’t want to give the students feedback on their selected choice but they need to attempt the question. To set up the trap state click ADD NEW, then TRAP STATE. While the titles you give your trap states aren’t important, giving them descriptive names makes...
April 22, 2016
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Diagnostic cytopathology, the study and diagnosis of disease at the cellular level, is an essential part of clinical decision-making. Creating and validating high quality digital teaching materials for both medical students and medical specialist trainees, in this subject area, is consequently important for equity of learning and standardisation of assessment. To address this issue, digital educational materials in cytopathology were created in the form of whole slide images (WSI), hosted on Slice, and this large...
April 18, 2016