A guide to using virtual slides

March 26, 2019

Slice holds over 20,500 biomedical images, including thousands of virtual slides. Inspired by how these images are being used in classes we've put together a downloadable guide.

The guide covers everything you need to get started or expand your use of virtual slides, including:

  • How virtual slides can be incorporated into lectures or practical sessions,
  • Finding and uploading images,
  • Links to some of our biggest collections,
  • Using the annotation tool,
  • Running group activities and
  • Setting up access for your students.

Our tips are also helpful for working with some of the other image types we have on Slice.

Another way to create learning activities with images is to incorporate them in online tutorials. For instructions on how to create image-based questions with Smart Sparrow download our free guide to creating online tutorials in the biomedical sciences.

If you have any questions about using virtual slides in your classes you can contact me at s.dowdell@best.edu.au and I’ll be happy to help.