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BEST Courseware
The Courseware catalogue is a collection of hundreds of Smart Sparrow online tutorials that have been created by academics. Browse lessons that can be used in classes as is or by adapting them for the needs of your students.
Visit our YouTube channel to watch guides and worked examples for creating and editing lessons.
View over 20,000 macroscopic, microscopic and radiology images as well as diagrams contributed from academic collections. Our virtual slide viewer and image collection supplements or replaces physical microscope sessions. The annotation tool allows members to make and share notes on images. Sharing an image will let someone see the image without logging in or invite someone to collaborate on an annotation layer with you.
Share our Slice introduction video with your students:
Review the function and appearance of structures of the human brain across CT scans, cross sections and diagrams. See why Brainstorm is used in courses around the world.
Review Brainstorm in more detail here.