Courseware Catalogue
Browse through rich, interactive, and adaptive courseware powered by real-time learning analytics. Teach with lessons as is, or adapt to suit your needs.
Teach with Courseware
Our Courseware catalogue is a collection of Smart Sparrow online tutorials. Lessons have been created by academics for use in their own classes. Our members share their teaching material with an aim to reduce the costly duplication of effort and resources across institutions. Browse hundreds of lessons that can be used in your classes either as is or by adapting for the needs of your students.
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Create Engaging Lessons
Our courseware is developed in the Smart Sparrow platform. Smart Sparrow enables creation of interactive and engaging online content. Incorporate text, images and videos as well as a suite of question types that are automatically marked with feedback for learners. Gain insight into students’ abilities with detailed analytics that allow you to identify where students excel or struggle.
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Contribute Lessons
The value of the BEST Network is in its community; experts like you, sharing their courseware, medical images and expertise to build the future of biomedical education. If you would be open to sharing one of your lessons with our community we’d love to hear from you.
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