Blended and online learning strategies are transforming the way biomedical science classes are taught. Inspired by how BEST members are using online tutorials in their classes we’ve put together a downloadable guide that will help you get started, whether you’re starting with one of the hundreds of tutorials in our Courseware catalogue or developing your own resource.

The guide covers:

  • adapting a lesson from the Courseware catalogue,
  • tips for storyboarding and learning design,
  • an introduction to the Smart Sparrow platform,
  • adding common question types with worked examples,
  • including image-based questions in your lesson,
  • sourcing images online to complement your lesson, and
  • lesson deployment and reviewing learning analytics.

Have you seen our free template for storyboarding your lessons in PowerPoint? Download a copy here.
You might also like to see our guide for using virtual slides.

If you have any questions about anything covered in the guide you can contact me at