The underlying premise of the BEST Network is that across biomedical/biological disciplines at tertiary education institutions, many of us are teaching our students the same topics, though in different ways. Instead of the unnecessary duplication of teaching modules at many institutions, BEST enables us to share and adapt modules to tailor them to the way we teach our own unique students. This saves us, and our institutions, time and money as well as enhancing the learning experience for our students.

When making a copy of one of the lessons our members have shared with the BEST community, you can either use the lesson as is, or make changes by taking a copy of a lesson into your Smart Sparrow workspace. Below are some things to consider when making changes to a BEST lesson.

  1. Provide appropriate acknowledgement - the BEST Portal includes information about who the contributing author is and it’s likely that the tutorial itself includes this information. While it’s acceptable to make change to the format in which the original author is listed, especially if you make revisions, it’s best practice to acknowledge the original author’s contributions on the version you deploy to your students.

    We suggest using the following format:
    Contributors name; Copyright owner (may be presented as the Contributors institution); BEST Network; and Either a direct link to the content or a link to the BEST Network website ( If the image has any watermarks, these should not be removed from the image.

  2. Consider your input - Have you made major revisions of the tutorial to change the content, focus or depth of information to tailor it to your own students? In this case, consider yourself a co-author and list yourself and the original author as creators of the tutorial. Also, why not contact us to contribute the tutorial back to the network - we’d love to see what you’ve done and the original author might get some new ideas!

    Did you only fix up a small error you noticed? While still appropriate to include your name on the tutorial for recognition by your students, it is more appropriate to separate your name from acknowledgements of authorship.

  3. Changing logos - BEST believes that it is important for your students to see consistent branding across their coursework and thus it is common to change either the BEST Network logo or the logo from the contributing institution to that of your own institution. You can acknowledge the original institution where you acknowledge the contributing author.

As an example:

The original lesson from BEST is adapted by a new owner, but the original authors are still acknowledged, and a hyperlink in the text takes the reader back to the original lesson in BEST.

The original acknowledgements (if any) are adapted so that all contributors are still recognised, including additional edits that you have made. It is good to acknowledge the role of the BEST Network ( in making the lesson available for adaption.