Dr Justine Gibson, Lecturer in Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology at The University of Queensland, together with a team of academics and students, is creating a series of cross-discipline, case-based modules for Veterinary Science students. These modules progress from simple scenarios that are delivered early in the first year of the Veterinary Science course, to complex clinical cases in the final year. A total of three modules are planned and are being built with the Smart Sparrow Adaptive eLearning Platform.

By working with academics from multiple courses, each module focuses on a patient and incorporates content from courses running both concurrently, and those in previous years. Thus the modules achieve both vertical and horizontal integration.

Integration table

Example of the advancement and integration of a patient case over the 5 year program.

Students who completed the first of the modules as part of their 3rd year reported that ““…it was so good to get a tutorial that finally integrates ideas and concepts across multiple subjects…”.

The modules complement face-to-face teaching and will be used for assessment in the future. Furthermore, the framework developed by this project can be utilised by other disciplines in order to help students master the integration of concepts taught in individual courses.

This work was presented at the Australian Veterinary Association Conference in May 2016. This project was funded by a UQ Technology-Enhanced Learning Grant in 2015 and work will continue during 2017.

Image of work presented

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