Some questions in your Smart Sparrow tutorials require you to set up a trap state that fires when students have not attempted the question. This is particularly important if you don’t want to give the students feedback on their selected choice but they need to attempt the question. To set up the trap state click ADD NEW, then TRAP STATE. While the titles you give your trap states aren’t important, giving them descriptive names makes them easier to work with, here I’ve called mine ‘No attempt’. For multiple choice questions, add a Condition, select your question and numberofSelectedChoices and set the value to 0, indicating no response. Add an Action to give some feedback to the student, for example ‘Please make sure you answer the question’. The last important thing to note is that the order of this trap state matters. This trap state should be the first one under the Correct State as the system checks the states from top to bottom. Therefore after checking whether the answer is correct, it will check whether there is an answer and fire the appropriate feedback if the student has clicked NEXT without making an attempt.

The steps are similar for other questions types but with some small changes.

  1. For drop down inputs, the condition is “selected index” is -1.
  2. For number inputs “is not a number” is set to “True”.
  3. For slider inputs “user modified” is set to false.
  4. For text inputs “text length” is set to zero.