At Charles Sturt University, Dr Reza Mortazavi has been using both Slice and adaptive tutorials to teach students studying haematology. Dr Mortazavi contributed 47 blood film whole slide images to Slice, ranging from anaemia to leukaemia.

With the support of Dr Lucy Webster, Reza used these images in two tutorials that required students to complete a differential diagnosis on a blood film in order to diagnose a patient case. Reza also utilised five cases available on the BEST Portal with his students. For all of these resources students responded with outstandingly positive feedback.

The students in Dr Mortazavi’s class are largely distance education students. For the 55 students in the Advanced Haematology course, approximately 70% are studying by correspondence. For these students the study of haematology through the use of adaptive tutorials and whole slide images provides them with a convenient way to work in their own time and at their own pace.

Reza has plans to improve these resources for next year and to build some new cases for use in the Introductory Haematology course running in Semester 1 2016.