Academics in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science at UNSW have used the Smart Sparrow adaptive e-learning platform to create tutorials for students to use as either pre-class activities or for revision. At the UNSW Learning and Teaching Forum on 8 October, academics showcased the ways the platform could personalise learning for students.

Professor Shirley Alexander from the University of Technology, Sydney, delivered the keynote speech, providing a current state analysis of personalised learning. UTS has recently designed a number of new learning spaces during their billion dollar campus redevelopment and Professor Alexander gave an overview of how UTS is changing both the way classes are delivered, as well as the way academics interact with students to provide this experience across the university.

Professor Bob Fox opens the Learning and Teaching Forum.

The Smart Sparrow platform was featured by academics across the university with five posters from the Medicine and Science Faculties. All of them outlined the various ways academics were using the adaptive tools of the platform to deliver personalised learning for their students. In particular one of the posters presented by the BEST Network showcased resources available on the Portal that have utilised different aspects of the adaptive feedback to personalise learning. The second poster demonstrated the use of a tutorial as a revision resource, allowing students to select their own pathways through the tutorial based on recognition of their strengths and weaknesses.

Stephanie Dowdell & Patrick de Permentier with their posters.

The forum was a great chance to spread the word about the BEST Network at UNSW and hear about some of the other interesting work being completed across the university.