BEST Network members have free access to a collection of more than 60 Courseware tutorials across a range of biomedical disciplines. Courseware describes high quality, peer-reviewed tutorials contributed by leading academics from major universities across Australia. The current Courseware tutorials available of BEST are divided into the following categories:

Number of tutorials available in various disciplines as of May 2014.

Sharing Courseware on BEST

Academics create content designed for use by their students. As well as question and answer style format, Courseware also offers sophisticated virtual laboratories and patients for students to interact with. The mission of the BEST network is to develop a shared pool of biomedical resources and because BEST Network members see value in collaboration they contribute their class-ready content to the network for you to use on the Smart Sparrow Adaptive eLearning Platform. Content is ready to use as is or can be easily adapted to suit the needs of your students. You can integrate lessons in to your institutions’ Learning Management System or simply deploy the lesson to a small group of students- it is up to you.

Using Courseware

Courseware available on BEST means the hardest part, the scoping and creation of the materials, is already done. All Courseware available on BEST has been recently created by academics from Australasian universities and is being used in class today. This initiative has garnered interest from academics across 30 institutions globally. Courseware is all about keeping the students’ attention and getting them interacting with their learning materials. We encourage everyone to explore the content available and adapt them for teaching in your courses.