The BEST Network team will host a new Webinar Series communicating best practice advice for using the BEST online courseware and adaptive learning technology.

The series will consist of 6 separate webinars addressing topics ranging from adaptive learning tools and technology, to demonstrations of discipline-specific courseware such as Pathology and Nursing. The webinars will include presentations by BEST community members giving you the chance to hear from, and engage with, academics that are already using the online courseware catalog to teach.

  • Webinar 1: How to teach with BEST lessons
  • When: 3pm, 21-March-2014
  • Length: 45 mins

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The first webinar in the series, How to teach with BEST lessons, will provide an introduction to the BEST Network, and explain the process of teaching with an adaptive lesson, including:

  • A brief background to BEST
  • The BEST vision
  • An introduction to the tools and technology
  • Demonstration for how to use and deploy an adaptive lesson

Register for the webinar to:

  • Learn about BEST, and how it can contribute to your teaching
  • Discover existing courseware that you can use to teach
  • Learn how to adapt lessons and existing courseware – to meet your student’s needs
  • Deploy lessons to your students and monitor their progress
  • Discover tools that track your students’ misconceptions

This webinar will be moderated and presented by Ariel Shoham and Paul Berkovic representing the BEST Network and Smart Sparrow.

Only 20 places are available, so register now to confirm your attendance!