We all want to fulfill our teaching potential and produce better learning outcomes, but at the same time, we need it to fit into our busy lives. Between Research and publications, supervising PhD students and writing grant applications, there is less and less time for keeping core teaching skills up to date, let alone learning new education methodologies and the latest technology.

Introducing the “Lesson Starter” initiative:

The BEST team will help you create a new adaptive lesson for free, so you can experience the benefits of using adaptive courseware for teaching your students and get access to the lesson analytics insights.

We will turn one of your classes or lesson modules into an online adaptive lesson using the Smart Sparrow Adaptive eLearning Platform. All you need to do is provide a small amount of information about your course and then send us some of your teaching material. It’s that easy. (read more – Blog)

Then we’ll need you to provide some current teaching material, which we can use to model the adaptive lesson on. This can be in any form you like, for example, a PowerPoint presentation, PDFs or other documents, or even some videos.

What you’ll get (for free!):

  • 1 x online adaptive lesson, up to 5 slides/questions in length*, including adaptive feedback
  • 1 x professionally designed adaptive lesson template
  • Instructions on how to deploy your lesson to your students
  • Instructions and/or a guided lesson on using the Smart Sparrow analytics dashboard for monitoring your students’ and learning progress

Why participate?

  • We’ll do the hard work for you (opportunity to work with BEST Network instructional designers, visual designers, data scientists)
  • Be recognised as a forward thinking academic embracing adaptive learning technology
  • Delight your students with next-generation personalised online learning experiences
  • Find out how effective adaptive learning can be for your students (we’ll help you measure it!)

For more information, please email: ariel@best.edu.au